Since launch, Merkly has garnered significant product-market fit and traction with its two flagship products, LayerZero Gas Refuel & Hyperlane ETH Bridge, both providing their own distinct advantages.

LayerZero Gas Refuel

Over 55 Chains are supported, empowering users to seamlessly tap into gas tokens, ready to explore new chains. This abstracts CEX's withdrawals away, solves liquidity fragmentation, and allows for seamless navigation between blockchains while remaining fully on-chain — all from a single interface. Due to taking advantage of LayerZero's omnichain messaging standard, Refuel options are hypercomposable, meaning, refueling is possible via a multitude of combinations. Examples - Binance Smart Chain (BNB) → Meter (MTR) - Avalanche (AVAX) → Moonriver (MOVR) - Arbitrum Nova (ETH) → Telos (TLOS) - Conflux (CFX) → Kava (KAVA) and many more.

Hyperlane Token Bridge

The Hyperlane-powered ETH Bridge facilitates transfers of up to 0.5 ETH per transaction. It stands out for its sub-market fee pricing, average transfer duration of 30 seconds, and connectivity between emerging chains (RedStone, Ancient8, ZetaChain), which are often unavailable on aggregators and standard bridges. The above-stated advantages are made possible by utilizing Hyperlane's interchain messaging standard (IMS) and interchain security module (ISM). 11 chains are interconnected, enabling ETH value transfers, with more to follow:

BNB, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, Base, Scroll, Manta, Mode, Ancient8, ZetaChain, RedStone.

Interchain Gas Refuel

Interchain Refuel (alternatively known as Hyperlane Refuel) is symbiotic to LayerZero Refuel as it comes with supplementary, distinct use cases: - More cost-efficient with less slippage - Facilitating over $30 in a single refuel transaction - Supports additional, LayerZero-inaccessible chains: ZetaChain, RedStone, Ancient8 (and more) - Additional Routing: Viction <> Base, Scroll, Celo By harnessing the interchain messaging standard (IMS), refuels are typically finalized within 30 seconds across most routes. Currently supported chains: Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, Scroll, Celo, BNB, Moonbeam, Gnosis, Viction, ZetaChain, Sei EVM.

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