The official documentation for Merkly, the Omnichain solution connecting various blockchains via LayerZero.

What is Merkly?

Merkly is a multifunctional Omnichain platform, designed to simplify bridging via LayerZero’s (LZ) groundbreaking technology. At Merkly, we strongly believe that an omnichain future is inevitable.
We’re therefore dedicated to familiarize and connect users with as many chains as possible via an easy-to-use platform. Exceptional customer experience will promote growth and activity across multiple networks, thereby empowering its users, LayerZero and Crypto as a whole.
LayerZero-centered tools and quality of life features are our prioritization, with plans to expand into chain-specific tools/resources (zkSync, Linea, Zora, and more)


Merkly currently boasts the following product line:
  • Omnichain NonFungible Token [ONFT] Bridging to/from +25 Chains
  • Omnichain Fungible Test Token [OFT] Bridging to/from +25 Chains
  • Gas Refuel: Get Gas Tokens on +25 chains (and avoid CEXs)
  • LayerZero Activity Checker
  • $MAV OFT Bridging Interface
Additional products and partnerships are already in the pipeline, but won’t be named to keep our competitive edge.

Vision and Mission

Merkly is focused on an exceptional user experience via a lean interface and an ever-growing product suite, aiming to prepare/equip even non-crypto natives towards an omnichain future, and ultimatively, for global Crypto mass adoption.
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